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Marinho Consulting

Make strategic decisions with intelligent financial management

Marine Financial Consulting


Strategic Cash Flow Management


Strategic cash flow management, providing a clear and real-time view of financial movements.

Organization and Efficiency in your Accounts


Organization and optimization of payments and receipts, ensuring punctuality and precision in financial operations.

Financial planning


With a strategic financial plan, we help your company define revenue and expense goals to achieve long-term objectives and pricing of your product/service. calculation of the break-even point and contribution margin.

Integration and Automation of Financial Processes


Optimize the efficiency of your financial processes by reducing costs and automating repetitive manual tasks.

Creating Reports for your Business


Personalized reports and interactive dashboards, offering financial information in a visual and intuitive way to support strategic decision making.

Why Marinho Consulting is for You


Get more clarity about your Company’s Finances
Predictability of Income and Expenses
Make more assertive decisions based on numbers

How we do

We implement and organize financial processes seeking to provide agility and clarity of information for your company.


1st Stage: Mapping and Organization

The first step to take is to understand the current financial situation and how it is being organized today. This way, we are able to segment and categorize so that we can begin to understand the inputs, outputs and financial results of your business.

 2nd Stage: Process Control and Implementation

With a view of financial movements and routines, we are able to improve control and implement processes to obtain more clarity and carry out a deeper analysis.

3rd Stage: Data Analysis and Reports

With a clear and precise view of financial movements, we are able to build reports and perform data analysis to create strategic planning.

4th Stage: Strategic Planning and Projections

Based on projections and financial modeling, we are able to draw up a Plan with real and objective goals for your Business.

Marinho Consulting…

Jonathan e José Marinho

Two brothers, the same passion and profession…

The Sea has always been what brought us together, and now we have decided to combine our passion and profession in an integrated and unique way.